HAPS leadership opportunities and volunteering, or ‘how I came to write a blog for HAPS’

Have you ever wondered (in a positive sense, I hope) “How did I get to this place in my life or career?” Some people have a specific life plan that they followed religiously. Then there are people like me, who may have started off with a plan, but in the process I meandered off the original path and serendipitously found myself in my current path, which includes being president-electtwopaths of HAPS.

How the heck did THAT happen?

I would like to say that I carefully planned out my entrance and involvement in HAPS- but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When I attended/presented at my first annual HAPS meeting in 2001, I was a bit intimidated and wondered what I could possibly contribute to the organization. I was used to other organizations where there tended to be a ‘hierarchy’ – those more established would present, and we mere underlings would ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over their achievements and stand in line to ‘kiss their ring.’ But HAPS was different. There WAS no hierarchy. Instead, there was a group of caring educators who treated each other like equals, and who wanted EVERYONE to participate. And so began my HAPS journey. I was encouraged to participate in committees – ‘but what could *I* contribute?”, I thought? Turns out, a lot – just as much as everyone else at the table. Just like all of YOU have a lot to contribute but may be just as hesitant as I once was.And so I progressed from committee member, to committee chair, to elected official of HAPS.

So how DID I come to write a blog for HAPS? In our monthly Board of Directors (BOD) meetings, we discussed the HAPS blog and I naively mentioned that it would be nicevolunteer_mug if BOD members contributed, and talked about their experiences. Oops – before I knew it, I am at the keyboard writing the first blog from the BOD. Serendipity, you are a double-edged sword. But interestingly, I am having fun with this new venture! Some of you may be hesitant about volunteering and exploring leadership opportunities in HAPS, but instead of heeding the words on the mug (pictured), just jump in and participate! You will be glad you did – I know I am!

4 thoughts on “HAPS leadership opportunities and volunteering, or ‘how I came to write a blog for HAPS’

    • Thanks Pat! HAPS is the type of organization where everyone is welcomed to participate in the leadership. I hope some of our newer members don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated and become part of our leadership.

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