Reason # 547 Why I Love to Teach

HAPS members are individuals who are committed to teaching and want to inspire a love of the subject matter in their students.  Teaching is not easy, and there are times when aspects of the job can drag us down.  And then there are the times that reinforce our commitment to the discipline, and remind us why we decided to become A&P teachers in the first place.   Last Thursday was one of those times for me.   It was my last day of teaching medical Gross Anatomy for the semester.  Right as class was to begin, one student stood up and started reciting the following Ode.  Another student stood up and took turns with the recitation.  Turns out that each student wrote a portion of the ode in the form of a haiku, and it related in some aspect to anatomy, or specific class, or our humorous discussions during lab dissections.  The writing is both humorous and touching, and it is a memory I will never forget.  Thank you, Class of 2016!  Below is the  (G-rated/edited) version of the ode:

Odes to Our Gal Val

A Truly Motivating

And inspiring prof


Odes inspired by

Our leader on this Journey

Of Anatomy


How worthless you are to me

F&#% F#*% F#%*#$ F#%*#$ F#$*% 


Our overflowing

lacrimal fluid, floods our

nasal cavity


Pick my pimply face

Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone



 Winwood so bellows

with a guttural roar from

deep in the pharynx




Henry Gray’s wisdom

You taught me, what to avoid

Pick a zit and die




Insidious Loops

And, convoluted pathways

Just to work some glands


 Like Cincinnatus,

Your willing accomplices

We absently learn


While painting pictures

Mind’s eye wanders to Flesh, Bone

One grows, accustomed.


 Here’s a scary thought

Without it I’m one ball short (LANCE)



 To be so rigid

surely a covering you are

a very tough mother


 Moist muscular walls

Between, like kids in the hall

food slides down the gut

 (get your head outta the gutter)

 File:Circle of Willis en.svg

I hear “katydids”

When you explain flow to brain

Tell Willis he’s bugged


 Sir Fickle’s Fast, yeah?

So many layers to know

Another way to die


 In and out I slide

Sometimes deviating left

With nerve XII damage


 Fingers in my nose

Epistaxis ain’t so bad

I can’t stop, won’t stop


Arytenoid muscles

Contract, I whisper to thee

My perineum


The periphery

Only canthi, can’t thee see

See me, mon ami



You’re only twenty-seven

Between you eight eyes


 Val loves Family Guy

Oculomotor breaks, Now

she watches the floor


Cranial nerve one

Soiled socks smell like lilacs



Without you I think

Its better to not existFile:Crying-girl.jpg

Lacrimal secrete


 We try to find nerves

A tireless search, finding only



Valerie is nice

Thanks for answering questions

outside of class time


 Alien in me

Moves with my every word

No talking for me


 Pupil dilation

Melatonin on the rise

Go the f*#$ to sleep

10 thoughts on “Reason # 547 Why I Love to Teach

  1. Wow .. that’s just way too fun and mature. One of my favorite compliments came from a freshman on the last day of class .. “This class didn’t suck as much as I thought it would.” I’ll take it!

  2. Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Keep up the outstanding work!

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