Is it over yet?

It is about this time in the spring semester that both students and faculty alike begin to ask themselves, “Is it over yet?” The answer, of course, is no it is not. For most, there are 4-5 more weeks of the spring semester. If you are on trimesters, or a quarter system, I have no idea where you are in your semester, but you are likely in the same boat as everyone else. The weather is getting nicer, grass is starting to green up and pollen is driving you crazy if you are in the south. If you are in the north, you’ve likely gotten a taste of some warm weather, but you wonder if there will be “one more winter storm”.

This is a difficult time in the year for everyone. So make it as pleasant as you can for both yourself, and for your students. Mix it up, do something out of the ordinary. Have you EVER taken a class outside? You should. Have you EVER stood up on the table screaming and shouting (like Tom Cruise on Oprah) about how fascinating the countercurrent mechanism is? You should. Have you EVER had your students present in class? You should.

You should do something different, something amazing, something that lifts everyone’s spirits about anatomy and physiology. And… you should do it TODAY.

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