Flipping A & P: Can’t Create, Curate!

Content-Curation-feature-image“Flipping sounds great, but I don’t have time to make all those videos.”  That was my thought when I first heard about flipping the classroom.  If this thought is keeping you from flipping, there is another way to test the water.

If you have no time or desire to make your own videos: curate!  When I first started flipping, good videos were hard to find.  It may have taken me just as long to gather good quality videos as it would have to make them. Many videos I found were inaccurate, boring, way too long, or of really poor quality.  There were few repositories of videos then and searching was tedious.  I shudder to remember how many horrible videos I watched before finding an acceptable one.

Thank goodness this is no longer true.  There are now many free (FREE!) resources for professional quality videos to offer to your students.  Some videos have embedded quizzes to increase student interactivity and reinforce the lesson.  The best videos meet Universal Design (ADA) standards with captions or a transcript, which is important because all videos required for courses at my college must be accessible by disabled students.  A few video recording software programs, such as Camtasia, attempt to auto caption your voice, but are usually pretty poor at this.  I’m not sure which takes longer, correcting the auto captioning or just making them from scratch.

If you would like to dip your toe into flipping, you might start at one of the websites below.  Start with just one video and see how the water feels.

If you know of another good site for Anatomy and Physiology videos, please post them in the comments.

Happy Flipping!


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