1- The Archive of Teaching Resources

Greetings HAPSters!  It is great to be getting ready for a fresh new semester of flippin’ fun times.  This promises to be a special semester, because after five years of working as an adjunct at my school, I have been hired for a “temporary” full-time spot this semester.  While sometimes I think the best part of this promotion is the fact that I have an office (!!!), the rest of the time I am just really Really REALLY excited to be teaching both Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (2 separate classes on our campus) at the same time.

Because of my work last semester in Human Anatomy, that course is pretty well set up.  All my video lectures are recorded, I have a decent set of clicker activities for class, and I have some rockin’ new strategies to deal with the creeps who choose to cheat on my exams, thanks to the HAPSters on the email listserv.  Physiology is less prepped, but I have a very motivated (and patient) group of students this semester.  And I’m not complaining at all.  Hey, I have an office in which to work!

Archive of Teaching Resources Logo
HAPS is partnering with APS to build an incredible Archive of Teaching Resources

In my blog posts this semester, I am excited to continue talking about “the flip”, and I also plan to spend a significant time talking about my experiences last semester as a participant in the American Physiological Society’s Archive Scholars Program.  This was an amazing program in which we reflected on pedagogy, discussed the core concepts of the 2011 Vision and Change report, and explored the incredible Archive of Teaching Resources. Each part of this program was game-changing for me.  As you probably know by now, I LOVE talking about pedagogy.  And I really didn’t know much about the content of the Vision and Change report, so it was great to learn more about it.  And the Archive…?  Let me just be clear.  The Archive of Teaching Resources is an UNBELIEVABLY gluttonous wealth of activities for the Anatomy/Physiology classroom.  I would get LOST in the archive, bouncing from one fascinating activity to the next.  And the really cool thing is that MANY of the activities were created by HAPS members!  HAPS has partnered with APS to help fill the archive with meaningful activities.  For example, most of the content created in HAPS–I courses is published in the archive!  And materials from the HAPS-EDucator is also published to the archive.

So if you have some time and haven’t already done so, check it out.  I look forward to sharing some of the ways the Archive Scholars Program informs my teaching this semester.

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