2- Getting ready for the tornado!

F5 Tornado entering Manitoba, Canada
Sometimes the start of a new semester feels like the onset of a very big storm…

I am taking advantage of my last few relatively empty days before the new-semester-tornado hits me full in the face.  Many of the items on my ToDo list from the last week are HAPS related.

  1. I already nominated a student for the The Primal Pictures and Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Scholarship.  The GREAT news for the rest of you is that the deadline for scholarship submission has been extended to Tuesday January 28th!  This scholarship is an amazing opportunity to reward one of your excellent students with a $2000 scholarship plus a very close to free trip to the HAPS annual conference in May.  Show your support for HAPS, Primal Pictures, and your fantastic students by nominating someone by the 28th.
  2. I already registered to attend this year’s Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida May 24-29.  Last year, I was a “first-timer” in Vegas.  I remember asking the folks on the email list serv if they thought the Annual Conference was worth attending.  (I look back at that question and laugh.)  I saved the wonderfully welcoming email responses to my question, all of which essentially said, “You HAVE to come meet us in Vegas!  You are already part of the HAPS family and we want to talk about teaching A&P!”  And indeed it was so.  I started saving money for Florida about two days after returning home from Vegas.  THAT is how cool the Annual Conference is!  (And if you are an adjunct, you can still apply for the Adjunct Faculty Scholarship that will cover your registration fee.  The deadline for that scholarship has been extended to January 31.)
  3. I am upping my game for the Annual Conference and am working on a workshop proposal.  This is due on February 4.  (I bet you can’t guess what I want to do my workshop on….!)  The only disadvantage I can see to presenting a workshop is the fact that I will have to MISS other workshops during that time slot.  The workshops were my favorite part of the Annual Conference (though I really enjoyed the poker walk as well.)
  4. The last thing on my HAPS-related  list of things ToDo before the tornado hits is to investigate getting a Twitter account.  I recently attended the Open Ed conference in Park City, UT and the number of people tweeting their thoughts during the conference was slightly shocking.  Folks shared that following the conference tweets facilitated some very interesting connections and conversations.  I’m intrigued…maybe it is time to learn about those hash-tags.

Classes start on Tuesday.  Let the storming commence!

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