5- The Dead Rats: Success!

In contrast to my first attempt with Dead Rat fun times a year ago, Endocrine Rats lab activity last week was very popular with my students.  I ended up recording a brief lecture to help guide them through the process of determining which rats were treated with which hormones, and also made a few changes to my own lab handout for the next time I use it.  Overall, it was a much more successful experience, judging solely by classroom climate.

I am very aware that just because my students “liked” it, doesn’t mean they learned anything.  To that end, I have to make tonight’s post particularly brief because I am in the middle of writing exams for both my classes (ouch).   On nights like this, I usually conclude that sleep is overrated and then I load up on caffeine and keep going.  However, after Valerie’s email to the HAPSters on the list-serv on Thursday, requesting a HAPS liaison to participate in the National Sleep Foundation’s task force, I realize that perhaps I should revise my general approach to sleep:

You_can_sleep_when_you're_dead!Ahhhh, ok.  Short post it is.

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