20- Learn, Discover, Share

The HAPS Strategic Plan
The HAPS Strategic Plan

Who would have thought that a meeting about a Strategic Plan could be remotely stimulating???  But after a day of inspirational update speakers and HAPSter-ific camaraderie, listening to people discuss the vision, value and history of HAPS was a nice cap to the day.

I’ve been a member of HAPS since 2011.  I was originally drawn to HAPS because of its amazing list-serv and through the list, was delighted to discover that HAPSters focus on TEACHING.  But  I didn’t realize that this was actually the original reason why the society was created.  The HAPS mission is epitomized in three words: Learn, Discover, Share.  This annual conference is staying true to that mission so far.

The conference started with a Welcome Reception on Saturday night with drinks and desserts (really yummy desserts).  You couldn’t walk more than a couple of feet before running into people talking about teaching and learning.  Folks are excited to share their methods and results, and learn from each other while discovering new things to do in their classrooms.  And the social connections and collaborations continued the next morning at the First Timer’s Breakfast (at the ungodly hour of 7:30am).  Then began the update speakers and poster sessions, and a wealth of new ideas were discovered and shared.  Top it off with a stroll through the exhibitor’s hall where every step makes you wish you had a million dollars in your pocket…and you already have an incredible conference experience.

The incredible thing is that this is only HALF of the annual conference. Tuesday and Wednesday are filled with workshops that will make you drool.  Really.

I better get some sleep before another ridiculously early morning with the HAPS Foundation fundraiser at 7am: The Fun Run in the Sun.  (And just in case you were about to, don’t forget to follow #HAPS2014 on Twitter!)

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