It is a Process, not a Product

HAPS is a society focused on the teaching and learning anatomy and physiology, but educators are just half of this equation.  We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our students.  Check out the fourth post in a series of HAPS blog posts featuring A&P student extraordinaire, Becca Ludwig.  

A message from Becca!
A post from Becca!

My professors use the phrase “it is a process not a product” when educating us about treating our patients and helping them through the rehabilitative process. It is a common theme in my Occupational Therapy program. In a way getting through school is a process not a product.

Leaning should be fun. Yes, there are more exciting classes (A&P!) than others (research….) but each class provides something special to the educational experience. I know I am guilty of stressing over the final grade in my courses and my overall GPA. I have come to realize that when I stressed less about the product of the grade and focused more on the process of learning I enjoyed school a lot more. It is not about the grade on the transcript that matters in the corporate world, but it is the experiences that you had to get there.

The learning is in the process.
The learning is in the process.

There does need to be a standard of mastery for every class. How else would good professionals be produced? The professor’s role in this equation is they are responsible for providing the safe place to “fail.” Failing facilitates growth. Growth takes time. By taking the time to fail and getting the feedback to grow students really are engaged in the process of learning.

It is the “just right challenge” that I enjoy in classes. I like challenges and being stretched out of my comfort zone. I never know what I can do unless I try. Each assignment and each class that I take has (mostly) offered me a challenge and a chance to grow as a person.

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