Thank You.

HAPS is a society focused on the teaching and learning anatomy and physiology, but educators are just half of this equation.  We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our students.  Check out the fifth post in a series of HAPS blog posts featuring A&P student extraordinaire, Becca Ludwig.  

A message from Becca!
A post from Becca!

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” – Brad Henry

Being a professor is not an easy job. Professors have a big role in shaping their students to be the people that they are. Everyone has a professor or teacher that they will always remember for some quality. That impression lasts a life time. Some of my most valued professors have fueled my love of learning. They have encouraged me to reach beyond and challenge what my best really is. I know that there is a direct correlation between my success in school and the support from these respected mentors. Because professors have not given up on me, I know that I cannot give up on myself. That lesson is the most important.

Most of the time the job of a professor goes unnoticed and if it is noticed by students, it is often not seen in positive light. Many students get caught up in the grade, grumble about the rigors of the assignment, or how hard the grading was. Instead of complaining, they should look at the positive and reflect on how much they learned by going through the class and how they are a different person because of it. It is not in the students’ mentality to thank their professor for all of the long nights and stressful days, but I feel like this needs to change. Professors often work harder than their students and continually do it semester after semester, yet they don’t complain like we students do.

I wish to extend a “Thank you” to all of my former, current, and future educators for taking the time to work with me and challenge me to be a better learner than I am today. Everyone has something to teach me and every opportunity has a lesson attached.

Thank You!

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