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A message from the ComCom
A message from the ComCom

Are you interested in learning how to integrate short clinical case studies into your anatomy and physiology lectures? If so, HAPS is pleased to announce a new HAPS-I online course that helps educators learn case-based instruction with a focus on developing materials for teaching neuroanatomy.

The power-packed course, entitled “Teaching Central Nervous System Concepts Using Diagnostic Radiology and Case Studies,” promises to help you learn how to integrate clinical data with course content. As you work through the class, you will develop a portfolio of short in-class activities, exam questions, and case studies that can be used in your classroom right away.


This is a pass/fail course offered through HAPS Connect. It will be taught by Dr. Carmen Eilertson, Senior Lecturer at Georgia State University, teaching premedical courses in Medical Physiology, Pathophysiology, Gross Anatomy, Orthopedics, and Histology.  The course will kick off with a workshop at the Annual Conference in Georgia (though students enrolled in the course do not have to attend in this workshop if they aren’t already at the Annual Conference). The rest of the course will continue online, and will conclude on July 8th.

Join Dr. Carmen Eilertson for this fun and interesting HAPS-I course!

If this course sounds intriguing to you, now is a good time to consider applying for a HAPS Institute Scholarship.  The purpose of these scholarships is to provide financial support to anatomy and physiology instructors that want to take a HAPS Institute courses.  To be eligible for a scholarship, you must:

  1. be a HAPS member in good standing.
  2. be a regular full-time employee or meet the HAPS definition of contingent faculty.
  3. have a teaching load that includes at least one section/class of anatomy and physiology each academic year.

The award covers tuition cost of one credit (typically equivalent to half of the tuition fee) for one HAPS Institute course. It does not matter whether you are taking the course through the graduate credit track or the professional development track.

Awards are made quarterly with due dates of November 15, February 15, May 15, and August 15.  The next due date is May 15, just in time to sign up for this class!

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