Welcome to Atlanta: Part I

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A message from HAPS Hospitality Committee Chair, Margaret Long

In the spirit of Southern hospitality, the HAPS Hospitality Committee has put together a travel guide for the Atlanta Conference. As we get closer to May, the HAPS conference app will become available with a list of some of the many dining choices and activities available. The Hospitality Committee will also have a presence during the conference, so look for volunteers wearing the HOSPITALITY button if you need advice on where to go in your free time!

I have had the pleasure of living in the Metro Atlanta area for over a decade. My college years were spent at Georgia Tech and Georgia State and I would like to think that I have sampled some of the best that Atlanta has to offer. The “scene” in the city has definitely changed as young working adults move in, and their demand increases for curated experiences and local fine-dining.

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is surrounded by over 100 restaurants and bars within a few short miles. It is directly adjacent to the Mall at Peachtree Center. For a quick bite to eat and a little bit of shopping, just head across the street! There are many dining choices for every budget and every palate. The retail stores and food court eateries, such as Chick Fil A (order a combo #1, extra pickles), are open until 6:00 pm, but the restaurants are open later. Fortunately, there is also a CVS Pharmacy inside of Peachtree Center so you can conveniently pick up toiletries that need refreshing.

As a Georgia Tech undergraduate, no football game-day was complete without a trip to The Varsity.  Inside of the famous eatery you will be asked, “What’ll ya have!” It is customary to start off with an F.O. (Frosted Orange), chili dog, and a side of indulgent, fried onion rings. As college students, our favorite “sit-down” restaurant was always Mary Mac’s Tea Room, located some miles away from campus. Mary Mac’s was the closest thing we could get to our grandma’s fried chicken and biscuits, which was a small luxury when we were longing for the comforts of home. The food is real, authentic Southern cuisine, which is evidenced by the fact that macaroni and cheese counts as one of your side vegetables! Just remember, in Atlanta all tea is iced and saturated with sugar unless stated otherwise.

For more information, please contact me directly at mlong@gwinnetttech.edu. Be sure to download the HAPS conference app closer to the time of the conference, and keep an eye out for our friendly HAPS Hospitality Volunteers!

Next time, I’ll be back to tell you even more great things about our fantastic city.

A message from the 2016 Annual Conference Committee
See you in Atlanta!


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