More Cool Stuff on the HAPS Website!

A message from the HAPS Executive Director, Peter English.
A message from the HAPS Executive Director, Peter English.

Have you spent some time on the HAPS website lately? We are continually adding content, and just wanted to highlight five of the cool features.

HAPS Calendar – The HAPS website keeps track of events that require registration, but what about everything else? We have made a calendar that includes EVERYTHING. Events, deadlines, meetings, HAPS-I courses, and even the board and steering committee schedules. If it HAPS, it is on this calendar. And you can link it to any calendar program that supports the iCal format (which is pretty much every program out there). Want it on your phone? Easy.

Inquiry-based Activities – Murray Jensen has written a series of peer-reviewed activities for use in the classroom. They all use a guided inquiry methodology that many instructors find very successful. Take a look and see if they can help you.

A&P Learning Outcomes – The HAPS learning outcomes are fast becoming the gold standard among A&P classes across the US and the world. The outcomes are used in many books and online learning programs, and are among the first resources that new programs use to design their curriculum. The HAPS Comprehensive Exam is based on these learning outcomes.

Histology Challenge – We have over 100 histology challenges archived on the website! Many instructors use these in their classes to challenge students, and this is enough for many semesters of student challenges. The discussion associated with each set of photos is enough to keep you one step ahead of the students. And this is a members-only resource, so your students will never know where you keep getting these fabulous images.

HAPS Video – And how could we not mention the HAPS video? It clearly and concisely shows what HAPS is all about. Take a look and show it to your colleagues so that more people can share in the professional promotion that HAPS helps make happen. Oh, and the fun too!

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