The 2016 HAPS-Thieme Excellence in Teaching Award!

The Human Anatomy and Physiology Society and Thieme Publishers are excited to announce that Professor Mary Tracy-Bee is the winner of the 2016 HAPS-Thieme Excellence in Teaching Award.

Meet Mary Tracy-Bee, this year's winner of the 2016 HAPS-Thieme Excellence in Teaching Award!
Meet Mary Tracy-Bee, this year’s winner of the 2016 HAPS-Thieme Excellence in Teaching Award!

HAPS is all about teaching A&P, and we continually work together to make our own teaching better and to help others.  Throughout the academic year, the HAPS-L discussion group is buzzing with information, and at the Annual Conference we get to share using posters, workshops, Synapse! presentations, and Update Speakers.  Of course, we also share over meals, at social events, and we leap at pretty much any opportunity to chat.

Two years ago, HAPS and Thieme got together to provide the largest award given by HAPS. This award represents a partnership between HAPS and Thieme, both of whom are dedicated to supporting the best A&P teachers in the world. Establishing this award was a way of recognizing some of the amazing educators in HAPS.  Each year colleagues of nominate each other for this award, and each year a committee of distinguished HAPS members go through the agonizing process of narrowing the field and choosing a winner.  

The award includes funds to attend the HAPS Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, May 21-25, 2016 as well as complimentary registration.  In keeping with the philosophy of the HAPS Annual Conference, Mary will share her expertise by giving the HAPS-Thieme Excellence in Teaching Workshop.

The 2016 winner, Mary Tracy-Bee, is a Professor of Anatomy at University of Detroit Mercy where she has been teaching anatomy to graduate students as well as undergraduate biology students since 1999.  She has also served as an adjunct professor at Oakland University and Wayne State University where she has taught medical students, other graduate health professional students and many undergraduate pre-professional students.  Mary holds appointments at three hospitals where she reviews anatomy with residents from many programs including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, GI, ENT, OBGYN, OMM and neurology.

As might  be expected, Mary has earned 24 other teaching and research awards including the Teaching Excellence Award from Oakland University and Educator of the Year from Wayne State University Physician Assistant Program.

Mary has published three anatomy texts and workbooks as well as e-books and many journal articles.  Her research involves engaging students in interactive anatomy education and investigating age related changes in the morphology of the common carotid artery.  

When not engaged in excellent teaching, Mary enjoys traveling, yoga, tennis, training for triathlons and spending time with her three children and extended family.

Come to Mary’s workshop at the Annual Conference in Atlanta this month and learn more from this inspired educator!  Here workshop is entitled “Best Practices for Teaching Effectiveness, Student Inspiration and Classroom Joy!” and will be at 8:30am on Wednesday, May 25, in room IC 103.  For more information, read on:

As experienced educators, we have learned first hand the importance of creating a teaching style that engages our students. Gone are the days of the classroom where facts were simply stated. Now is the time where we aim to inspire and teach critical thinking and compassion. Many of us accomplish this through service learning, peer-feedback, educational games and crafts, Thieme atlases, and discussing clinical vignettes. This presentation will focus on activities that help form inspired, smart students who want to be in our classroom. Come to hear about some tried-and-true activities and be prepared to share some of your own.

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