HAPS in Atlanta: Social Media MADNESS!

A message from the Communications Committee Chair, Wendy Riggs.
A message from the Communication Committee Chair, Wendy Riggs.

Once again, HAPS put on a phenomenal annual conference. I was proud to call myself a “4th Timer” this year, and am looking forward to being a “5th Timer” next year in Salt Lake City.

30_yrsAs usual, the update speakers were phenomenal, the posters diverse and interesting, the vendors helpful and enthusiastic, and the workshops inspiring. And of course, I’ve heard nothing but RAVING ENTHUSIASM about the post-conference field trip to the CDC. But there was something new at this conference that added a really fun and engaging spice to the event.

It was the HAPS app, a small bit of technology that Executive Director Peter English unveiled in his May 9 blog post.  He advertised the app as being our normal app (to help us get around and keep up with the schedule and any changes)…but on STEROIDS. And he wasn’t joking. The app was a fantastic way to engage with HAPSters all week long in a frenzy of social media madness.  (As the Communication Committee Chair, I was impressed with all the chatter!)

App shot CommentNow…I must admit that I mostly used the app to complain about my painful transition from West Coast time to East Coast time.  But my whining was just a small part of the whole social media CRAZY that bubbled through the app all week.


There were messages about food…and drink. There were messages in which pleas for help were being made.

App shots 1-2

There were lots and lots of pictures of HAPSters with Einstein, of course. And then there was the picture of Valerie O’Loughlin with five pounds of fat. I’m not quite sure what that was about.

App shots 3-4

The really fun thing is that you can still download the app and take a look at the all that chatter.  And start saving your pennies for Salt Lake.  I am!

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