Many Hands…

A message from the Communications Committee Chair, Wendy Riggs.
A message from the Communication Committee Chair, Wendy Riggs.

I’ve been a HAPS member for 5 years now, and my membership is BY FAR the most rewarding and fruitful professional development resource in my toolkit. Because of its incredible value, I am quick to line up to give BACK to HAPS. I’ve been the Communication Committee chair for over two years now, I participate on the listserv and share whatever I can, and HAPS membership is always the first thing I recommend to people who ask me for advice regarding anything related to A&P teaching.

In large part due to HAPS, I am currently in year three of my four-year tenure process. Being in the midst of this rigorous and reflective undertaking has pushed me up to the edges of my craft. I find myself with more things that I want to do, than there is time in which to do them. I have to make hard decisions about where to invest my precious moments, while maintaining a family too, and this is tricky. But my participation in HAPS leadership is never on the chopping block.

So I’m taking some time write this quick post, because we all benefit tremendously from this society. One of my favorite things to do at the HAPS Annual Conference is to chill with the “old timers.” (First timers are cool too!)  I am really moved by the people who not only BEGAN this organization that we all love, but who continue to participate in its events and support its growth. These people are inspiring to me, because I understand all work that must be done in their own lives…and yet they make space to support and nurture HAPS too.

HAPS 2013 Annual Conference in Las Vegas!

I tell this story often…but before deciding to attend my first annual conference (in Las Vegas), I wrote a quick note to the listserv, asking if it was “worth it.” It makes me laugh, now, to think back on that naive question. HAPSters, in true HAPSter form, came out of the woodwork to encourage me to attend the event. I even remember people saying things like, “You HAVE to come to Vegas! You’re already part of the family!” And although many old timers say Vegas was one of the least fun annual conferences (!), I really was completely blown away by the richness of the experience.

When I think of HAPS, I think of many hands. Many hands working together to make this organization happen. Many hands reaching out to bring new people into the mix. Many hands helping us all become better teachers.

Many image shared by Nikki and Sharon McCutcheon. CC-BY.
Many hands…

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