Last Call: Apply for Awards by Dec 1!

A message from Don Kelly, co-chair of the HAPS Foundation/Grants and Scholarships Committee.


If you’re thinking of applying for one of the HAPS grants or scholarships for assistance in attending next year’s HAPS Annual Meeting, you’d better hurry! The deadline for submitting applications is December 1st, and that’s less than two weeks away.  We’d love to see you in Salt Lake City and we’d love to consider your application for one of these awards:

All applications are very straightforward and easy to complete.  But even if you don’t want to apply for your own award, consider nominating a colleague for one of these awards:

The Grants and Scholarships committee wants some work to do, and we really like giving away money! So don’t delay-visit the HAPS website now and submit your application.

And while we’re here…have fun identifying avian musculoskeletal anatomy during Thanksgiving dinner.  (C’mon…you’re an A&P teacher…you know you do it…)

Bird wing image- bones and muscles
Wing anatomy– because you know you’ll need it!

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