Remote Proctoring of the HAPS Exams

Remote proctoring of the HAPS Exams always brings up a raft of questions about the process, who does the proctoring, how you can trust the proctors, etc.

To address these questions, HAPS and ProctorU are hosting a joint webinar on Thursday, February 27 at 3:30p central time.

Hosts Wendy Riggs, president elect of HAPS, and Gabriell Darby, Director of Implementation Services for ProctorU will:

  • Outline the benefits of using live online proctoring for the HAPS exams
  • Show how easy it is for instructors to set up an exam
  • Demonstrate the student process in the ProctorU system
  • Cover what an integrity incident looks like, and how to deal with it

Register at the link below to learn how this integration can make your testing process more simple, convenient and secure than ever before:

The HAPS Exams have experienced intense focus over the past several years.  The learning outcomes on which the exams are based have expanded from just A&P to include a stand-alone Anatomy set (and stand-alone Physiology are being constructed now). The A&P learning outcomes had a massive once-a-decade revision released in Fall 2019. Parallel work on the exams themselves, including validation efforts, have resulted in an exam program that is light years ahead of where it was even five years ago.

The back end of the exams have also been a focus for the past two years. HAPS transitioned to a new exam provider in 2019 that has substantially increased the security of the exams. The new provider also allows integrations that we were previously not available. One such integration is to allow remote proctoring through ProctorU.

Remote proctoring is a major step forward for the HAPS Exams. Now faculty can have students take the HAPS Exams before even coming to campus, online courses can use the HAPS Exams, programs with limited funding can use the HAPS Exams by having students pay directly to take the exams. A whole new world of possibilities.


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