Upcoming deadline: HAPS Awards

This post is from Chasity O’Malley, Chair of the Awards and Scholarships Committee

Hey there HAPSters!!! I hope you are doing well, heading back into the new term refreshed and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way this year. As you’re planning out your January, I would like to call your attention to an important date: Monday January 11th. This is the date that the awards applications are due for the 2021 Annual Conference which is virtual this year. There are several award options (briefly described below- make sure to visit the weblinks for complete details on who is eligible and what is required). I’m sure you’ll find you can fit into one of them and I highly encourage you to apply! Please keep in mind that you need to be HAPS members in good standing at the time of application and at the time of the HAPS Annual Conference (like all the cool kids are!).

  • The Sam Drogo Technology In The Classroom Award
    • Applicants should use technology in the classroom and be able to elaborate on how
    • Award is $1500 to attend the Annual meeting of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.  One award is available, sponsored by ADInstruments.
  • Gail Jenkins Teaching And Mentoring Award
    • Applicants should focus on active learning in the classroom and elaborate on how
    • Award is a cash award of $1,000. Annual HAPS Conference registration fee is waived. One award is available, sponsored by Wiley.
  • John Martin Second Timer Award
    • Applicants are HAPS members attending their second HAPS Annual Conference
    • Award is a cash award of $500 to help fund attendance at HAPS Annual Conference. One award is available.
  • The HAPS Conference Award
    • Nearly anyone who a is HAPS member can apply
    • Award is for the registration fee for the 2021 Annual Conference, multiple awards are available.

I hope this gentle nudge reminds you to get those applications in!

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