HAPS 2021 Conference Day 1

After watching all of Wendy Riggs’ helpful videos, yesterday HAPSters got to try out the Gatherly platform together, and it was amazing! Being able to bump into each other in the lobby and halls makes the event feel HAPSy. Using the elevators to move between floors brought HAPSters to even more meeting places such as Exhibitor floors, Workshops, and Posters. Although we are meeting virtually, the enthusiasm is palpable. It is no mistake that many of the floors are tagged “Fun”. HAPSters often chatted about their struggles in the past year and offered support and ideas. Shannon Howard commented about how she was enjoying meeting so many interesting and fun instructors and learning about their needs. Valerie Kramer spoke to many HAPSters about methods for keeping students accountable in distance learning settings.

Day 1 was packed with three poster sessions and two update speakers. Jacob Babb taught us about EKG basics. From Green et. al. we learned about deaf patient care. The Steering Committee welcomed our First and Second Timers. Sloane et. al. led us in a discussion about diversity and inclusion. There is some serious competition going on the Silent Auction page so keep checking in. We have a ton of other fun events scheduled today! Make sure you check in for the Wheel of Names!

Some HAPSters shared their conference set-up with each other, including some unexpected guests. Graham Whiteside’s adorable tabby KitKat made his way across the screen. Melissa Quinn’s Dexter and Stan made appearances throughout the day. There were also a few baby HAPsters in attendance. All were welcome attendees. 

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