HAPS 2021 Conference Day 2

It is Day 2 of HAPS 2021 and our fluffy attendees were at it again. They took center stage in our morning welcome as Wendy shared some pics. We made it through two more Update Speakers, Committee meetings, some Workshops, encounters with Exhibitors, and a Poster Session today. 

Our update speakers provided fascinating new insights. Chris Basler taught us about immunology by discussing interactions between RNA viruses and their hosts using Ebola as a model. We learned how bats’ unique physiology allows them to act as reservoir hosts for many viruses that are deadly to humans. We had a couple of technical issues getting Nikki Jernigan up and running, but with 200+ HAPSters pitching in we managed to troubleshoot and learn about the effects of hypoxia on blood vessels. Hypoxia leads to opposing changes in vascular reactivity. Pulmonary arteries constrict while systemic arteries dilate. 

HAPSters had a plethora of interesting workshops to choose from. For example, we learned about higher order test questions from Gregory Crowther in “From Isolated Data-Analysis Tasks to General Skills: Bridging the Gap with Question Templates”. Amy Toulson, in “Gender, Sex and Sexuality Inclusion in Anatomy & Physiology Education”, discussed making courses more inclusive of various identities. They brought up important points about opening up to your students and acknowledging mistakes. 

Reminder: Check out the items available at the silent auction. Bidding ends tomorrow at 6pm EDT!

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