HAPS 2021 Conference Day 4

It’s the last day of the 2021 conference and the canine HAPSters made a final appearance. The morning began with a General Membership Meeting that included a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came together to support the HAPS Conference. 

During the General Membership meeting, the locations of upcoming September and November Regional meetings were announced. The 2022 Annual Conference will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. HAPS announced new partnerships with ADInstruments and Cengage. Chastity O’Malley announced the Conference Award Winners: Amanda Haage, Sandra Hutchinson, Robin Wright, and Larry Young. Congratulations! Kyla Ross was introduced as the upcoming HAPS President.

After a morning workshop session, attendees visited Affinity Groups. Groups discussed topics such as inclusivity in anatomy and respect for anatomical donors. We then heard from our final Update Speaker, Albert Chi, who presented “Necessity as the Mother of Invention: Innovation and Health Challenges from COVID-19 to Bionic Arms”. There were a few technical issues at the beginning, but again with a group of awesome HAPSters coming together, we were able to troubleshoot and successfully livestream the talk. The presentation was followed by a final poster session, workshop session, and chance to meet with exhibitors. Krista Rompolski gave a popular and informative presentation about weight stigma.

The conference ended with a Social event in the Main Hall. HAPSters formed chat huddles and said their goodbyes. It was generally agreed upon that the 2022 conference would be a great reunion.

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