HAPS Leadership (#19): Presidents Emeriti

The Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) is over a quarter-century young and still growing.  Each year has given us new adventures and new challenges.  It has been the presidents that have lead us through those times, helping HAPS to grow, survive, and prosper.

140226 (1) Emeriti

The Presidents Emeriti Advisory Board is the collection of this venerable group.  These individuals help to maintain the institutional memory of the Society (“Oh my god, we already tried that!”).  The Emeriti are a great bunch to talk with at the Annual ConferencesHenry Ruschin can tell you about evacuating the hotel in Toronto in the middle of the night.  Ric Martini can regale you with stories of dealing with SACS and accreditation.  John Waters can explain how that led to the creation of the HAPS-Institute.  Don Kelly and Dee Silverthorn can tell you about the challenges of keeping up with online technologies.

140226 (2) Emeriti

First-Timers for each annual conference get a special treat.  We offer a special First-Timers Breakfast (Sunday morning), where first-time attendees get to have a sumptuous breakfast with the Emeriti, learning about how incredible the coming week is going to be.  Don’t believe all of the stories that Bill Perrotti and Kevin Petti will tell you, but enjoy the experience nonetheless.

140226 (3) Emeriti

As I get closer and closer to becoming the current President of HAPS (holy crap, that’s just 125 days away!), I’m happy to know that I’ve got a great advisory board of knowledgeable and enjoyable people to rely on.  Joe Griswold is the master of strategic plans.  Sandy Lewis, Gary Johnson, and Mike Glasgow can expound upon the growing pains of HAPS from a little club to a sizeable educational society.

140226 (4) Emeriti

Not all of the Emeriti are able to attend each annual conference, but we generally have a very strong presence each time.  Check out the President’s Suite and you’ll invariably find a few holding court.  Margaret Weck will show off her tie-dye shirt and Kevin Patton will tell you about the historic bottomless bucket-o-crab legs!  Be careful making eye-contact with Henry Ruschin; you may find yourself volunteering to host a future HAPS conference.  But, hey, with such a great group of people to hang around with, would that be such a bad thing?

140226 (5) Emeriti

HAPS Leadership (#3): Foundation Oversight Committee

Busy, Busy, Busy!
Busy, Busy, Busy!

The Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) is dedicated to helping you learn.  We’re working ourselves to the bone to help you gain valuable learning experiences.

The HAPS Foundation Oversight Committee offers a number of sources of financial aid to HAPS members and students.  Their aims are to encourage attendance and participation at the HAPS Annual Conference, to support student and faculty research, and to encourage participation in HAPS-Institute courses.    The HAPS Foundation was created in 2009 to build a financial pool of money that could make these efforts a reality.

The Committee currently administers the following grants and scholarships:

  • The Robert B. Anthony and Adjunct Faculty Scholarships and the HAPS Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Travel Award, which provide support for new members to attend the HAPS Annual Conference;
  • HAPS-I Scholarships, which cover the cost of tuition for these graduate-level courses;
  • The Sam Drogo Technology in the Classroom Awards, providing financial support for members presenting workshops at the Annual Conference;  and
  • Faculty and Student Grants, providing financial support of research by HAPS members and students.

They’ve been working on improvements to our review and approval procedures.  These include development of an electronic application process that will make submission and review of applications easier and more efficient and the adoption of uniform application submission deadlines.  In addition, they have recently begun to consider and grant HAPS-I Scholarships on a quarterly basis, reflecting the increasing number and varying start dates of HAPS-I courses.  Submission deadlines will be announced to the membership and displayed on the website.

Ask Don about the ladder.
Ask Don about the ladder.
Ask Bob about the shower caps in Las Vegas.
Ask Bob about the shower caps in Las Vegas.

Look for more information on Grants and Scholarships in the near future.  You can email the co-chairs if you have any questions.  Don Kelly is a Professor in the Center for Life and Health Sciences at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, New York and is a past President of HAPS.  Bob Crocker is a Professor at Farmingdale State College and Director of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction Program at the New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York.  Check out the web page for the Foundation Oversight/Grants and Scholarship Committee.

The deadline for the next quarter of HAPS-I scholarships is Nov. 15, so check it out quickly.